Photo Tips- Tips on taking portraits

Hi there!

I’ve recently admitted to myself that loooooove taking portraits.

So, here’s a few quick tips to get you started on an adventure in portrait photography!

#1  Keep your subject a few feet away from any backdrop. When you have a person’s head resting or nearly resting against a wall or other backdrop, the scene can feel cramped and too posed. 3 feet or a little more is a good distance.

#2 Backlight can be beautiful! Don’t be afraid to photograph someone with a bright light behind them. Follow these steps if you don’t know how to meter for the light in this situation: Set your camera to ‘manual’, get a meter reading off the subject, adjust your camera settings for that lighting situation and shoot away! Your subject will be lit properly and the back will be beautifully blown out. My fave!

#3 Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional. Make goofy faces! Tell your subject to stick out their tongue or stick their fingers in their mouth. People are taking photos by the millions these days, so not only is everyone getting used to seeing certain types of images, people are expanding their concept of what a portrait is. Be brave! Push the boundaries!

Here’s a link to one of my favorite photography sites. There’s loads of cool tips and tricks and inspiration!

Joy and fun to you!


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