Photo Tips- Lenses, explained


Do you collect things?

I do. Cameras and lenses.

I love lenses so much that I wrote up some quick tips on them. Here’s a little breakdown of the obvious and not so obvious lenses to use in every situation:

Portraits are best taken with an 85mm or longer. The shorter the focal length of the lens, the more distortion or ‘stretching out’ you get near the edges of the frame, and you don’t usually want to stretch out someone’s face. The longer the lens, the more proportionate the image will be. In old-school photo talk (back in the days of film photography, but lens conversion is a topic for another day) a 50mm lens is most accurate to what the natural eye sees, so any lens longer than that will give you a nice looking portrait.

Landscapes and wide angle lenses (short focal length 35mm and below) are best for group shots and landscapes, for the reasons listed above. These lenses have a wider view and you can get more image into your image. Again, not something you necessarily want to do to a person’s face. Fisheye lenses are an extreme example of wide angle/short focal length lens.

Zoom and telephoto lenses are best when you are far away from your subject or when you want to zoom in closely. It’s often the case that your camera won’t take the picture if you are too close and the image isn’t in focus, so if you want to get in REALLY CLOSE, then…

Macro lens. These lenses can be purchased as macro lenses or you can do a little research/shopping online and find what’s called a Macro Ring. Just attach this handy little gadget to your favorite lens and don’t be afraid to get up close and personal!

Happy shooting!


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